4 June 2007

Mead update

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Update from this post from September:  Make that first-place award winning Orange Blossom Mead.


20 September 2006

Mead (again) #4: Anodyne

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I didn’t wake up with the intention of making mead today; it just seemed like the thing to do at the time. Same as last time, except I didn’t use a starter, added more yeast nutrient, and made it with a bit higher gravity (i.e., higher sugar to water ratio), though it still should be somewhat dry, especially since I think this yeast strain dries out a must a bit more than the Premiere Cuvee. The pace of fermentation never got going last time, which led to me adding extra nutrient and energizer after a couple weeks. Hopefully this will be fermenting faster (though maybe not quite as soon, since I didn’t use a starter).

P.S. Does anyone recognize the pun in the name of this mead?



Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast

4 tsp yeast nutrient

2 tsp yeast energizer

~10.75 lb Campbell Apiaries tupelo honey
enough water to hit ~4.25 gallons of must


made mead @ 11:50 p.m. on 19 Sept 2006
original specific gravity (SG) = 1.088

expected final SG = 1.000(?)

expected alcohol content (by volume) = 11.6%

3 September 2006

Mead #3: Orange Blossom

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So I’m a month late for this. The official national day to make mead is the first Saturday of August. Well, I started last night with the starter, so I’m exactly a month (well, a non-leap year February) late. I’ve meant to make mead for quite awhile. I tried a very half-hearted attempt to make some a few years ago (using Sourwood honey from the Smoky Mountains which I bought while waiting for my mom’s car’s breaks to stop smoking (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t something like this that gave the mountains their name)), but that failed miserably; I also tried to dry out some mead that someone gave me several months before that (fermentation had stalled while it was still way too sweet, and he was moving away and didn’t want it so he gave it to me to see if I could save it), which also didn’t quite work out either; those of you who go way back may remember that this was the glass bottle that was sitting in the corner when I was hosting small group. So I consider this my first real honest attempt at making a mead (even though I’m numbering it “3”). I’ll probably split the mead into multiple kinds after a couple weeks worth of fermentation to experiment with different ways of spicing (or not) the mead. If you want a brief but photographically illustrated lesson on how to make mead (it’s terribly simple), check out a friend’s recent brew.
Also, this is my first time using a starter while brewing, following hot on the trail of the first time I’d used a starter to make bread (kalamata and sun-/oven-dried tomato ciabatta) last week.

It’s also occurred to me that I’ve had a number of alcohol-related posts recently; I swear that’s not all I think about, and I’ll get to other stuff later.


Orange Blossom Mead


Red Star Premiere Cuvee yeast

1/4 tsp yeast nutrient

1/4 tsp yeast energizer

1/4 cup Campbell Apiaries orange blossom honey

about a cup of water



2 tsp yeast nutrient

2 tsp yeast energizer

~10.5 lb Campbell Apiaries orange blossom honey

about 4 gallons of water or so (enough to reach the desired gravity)

Info for brewing geeks like me:

Made starter @ 4:00 p.m. on 2 Sept, made mead @ 3:30 p.m. on 3 Sept.

original specific gravity (SG) = 1.080

expected final SG = 0.992 (if this yeast behaves like it has in my wines)

expected alcohol content (by volume) = 11.6%

27 August 2006

I suppose I can make it a Blue Christmas

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Take two for last evening, based on a recipe found here. My favorite fruit and my favorite spice, with cloves thrown in for good measure.

Blueberry Cordial

1 cup water

1.5 cups sugar

~14 oz. blueberries

~3/4 tsp whole cloves

~3/4 tsp whole coriander seed

2 cups unfiltered McCormick vodka

Heat sugar and water to boiling, then cool. Put blueberries through food processor. Combine all ingredients in a bottle and then shake (the bottle). Put bottle in a cool dark corner for several months.

26 August 2006

I just made Christmas

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I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile, since the season is fast approaching, so I decided to make Christmas today. The recipe is below. Christmas is best if it is aged for about four months, so apparently a mature Christmas will actually arrive one day late this year (unless I’m impatient, which I likely will be). After I had begun, I realized I needed an orange and that I had only half the necessary vodka. I went to the local drug store for vodka, and while I was there, I realized I was part of the Saturday night liquor rush. However, I’m fairly certain that I’m the only person buying liquor there tonight who wasn’t actually planning to drink it for four months. You’ll notice that the new vodka in the recipe is unfiltered. My Brita is on the fritz, so I wasn’t able to filter the new vodka; I’m hoping that it doesn’t hurt the final product too much.

In other news, I talked to a guy from an apiary today, so I may be able to start a mead soon.


Christmas #5

1 cup water

1.5 cups sugar

12 oz bag of cranberries

4 cinnamon sticks

allspice berries


7 cardamom pods

grated ginger and nutmeg

peel of organic valencia orange, 2/3 microplaned, 1/3 peeled

~1.2 cups filtered Bunett’s vodka

~1 cup non-filtered McCormick Vodka

Make syrup with sugar and water, bringing to a boil and then cooling. Run cranberries through a food processor. Put all ingredients in a bottle, shake, and let sit in a dark corner for several months.