19 July 2006

The bride and groom were hot!

Posted in where you going with that suitcase? at 5:26 am by indecisive79

I was asked over e-mail what a recent wedding (and it’s accomanying trip) was like: here is my answer:

Short. About fifteen minutes from start to finish. It was in the middle of the New Mexican desert in July, after all. No dancing or alcohol at the reception, so that was short as well. But I did get to climb three volcanoes, almost get struck by lightning, observe a crashed plane, have the greatest spiritual experience of my (or anyone’s) life, get a scar on my forehead, get off the interstate at four consecutive exits (a personal record!), go on quite a few dates with several different people, impersonate Indiana Jones (briefly), travel nearly three miles through the air without touching either the ground or an airplane, drive/ride nearly 2600 miles in five days, and successfully avoid seeing Ramona naked, all for less than $200, so I’d say it was quite a good trip.

Oh, and I also got a chance to eat New Mexican food three times. After all the build up that I’d been given (from the bride and groom and others) about how good it would be (compared to how utterly worthless and “Americanized” the food that we call “Mexican” in the Midwest is), I’d have to say I was quite underwhelmed. All three times.